YohimBurn - Testimonials

YES is the real deal
I have to admit I was quite skeptical when I first ordered this product as I am with most legal items. This isn't the first topical thermogenic I've used and the previous ones weren't too spectacular. But I figured alot of bros back this up and I might as well give it a try and if it fails give up on any topicals like it in the future...Well I must say it has made my lower abs look excellent compared to a month and a half ago and I have not changed my diet or ab routine at all. I am at a fairly low BF% (9-10%) and I believe it can help at this percentage or lower.


I started using Yohimburn on 12-28, so I'm only two weeks in. I apply 1-2 times per day 5 times a week on my abs and my upper leg area. I can say for sure there is a difference, more than I expected..

O.A. - Massachusetts

Great product! I'm impressed with the results after 30 days. And I'm beefing it right now. I can't wait to do a bottle this summer when I'm ripping up!

BS13 - Central Jersey

Great product.. Worth the money. I don't have body fat statistics to show proof, but my waist measurement dropped several sizes between the AS and the Yohimburn - and I didn't change my diet much at all.

T.P. - South East Coast

I used it for ten days on my abs, noticed a very great difference.

BRich - Ft. Myers, FL

I am at the beach on vacation with the in-laws. I had been doing morning cardio 1-3 days a week, and for the first time since I did competitive sports watching what I eat. I got down to about 12% (from ~17% a few months ago) according to underwater body composition measurement, but look more like 8-9% because I had set aside a bottle of Yohimburn about a month ago. I was applying it in the morning and before bedtime to the abs, love handles, pecs and deltoids. I could see a difference over the month I was using it, but stopped using it last Thursday. I must have been retaining water as some people have said, because by Sunday I looked shredded (by my standards). I have had 4 or 5 people comment. I took a before photo and had my wife snap a photo last night, so I may send it in. Even in the most direct light I can see an entire 6 pack. That stuff really does work.

GW - Phoenix, AZ

I'm usually not a big fan of topical products, but I have to admit, this stuff works great! I have never been tighter in my glute & hamstring area tie-in and lower back then when I used this stuff....I used it for about 5 weeks, stopping at about 2 1/2 weeks out from my show to lose any excess water I was holding from it....The difference between my last show & my most recent show was amazing! It's not the most comfortable thing to use---it does truly burn, but it is well worth it! I used it on my lower back, hams, glutes, triceps, and lower abs....This will definitely be a staple in my photoshoot & contest dieting regimens! I even added it as a link on my website!

HL - Metuchen, New Jersey

Very good product - especially for chest and abdominal fat


At this point all I can say is....simply amazing. Ive read, and read about everything posted about this, and as with most things I'm always very skeptical and not real apt to jump on just any bandwagon. But...I figured it was a good price so why not give it a shot. The difference in the nipple area was almost immediate. It was very noticeable within 1/2hr after my 3-4th application. The effect has not subsided as of yet.


My gyno (fatty tissue) is virtually disappearing!!!!! big bump for Yohimburn!!

E.L. - Jackson Miss

a little more of an update on my use. this stuff seems to really work well on chest fat, a lot better than on my damn love handles. i have some cuts on my pecs now which I am very happy about; which to me is proof that this stuff makes it deep enough to get to the fat, and isn't completely taken into the blood stream

P.X. - VA Tech

I got my first two bottles of Yohimburn last Saturday. I have been religiously applying it 2-3x a day on my lower abs. It works as I see the layer of abdominal fat thinning, without cardio the past week. Thanks

Y.I. - Asia

Ok, I decided I would start using it on my chest for a week or so... since i hold a lot less fat there... well i totally think that if someone has a fairly low bf% then they should definitely give it a try now... i saw very good results with the chest, prolly gonna order me a few more bottles just in case it gets pulled off the market now

Rich S

well this product really does what it claims to do, i had tiny lumps behind my nipple. i think it was from the prog induced gyno, but anyways, it was very small. the first 5 days, it actually got worse my nips got extremely puffy and red, i was discouraged; it wasn't until I read that thread about MP Tech saying it causes h2o retention in some people. so i continued for the week. slowly but surely the water receded, right now, i no longer have any lump in my right nip, my left seems to be still have a teeny weenie lump, but faintly got smaller; i have no doubt in my mind that i will go away with another two weeks treatment.

i have also been exfoliating my facial area, 1 pipette for whole face/neck area before bed and upon wakening, i have noticed SIGNIFICANT amount of leanness below my chin, my cheeks seem to have not responded "as" well; like MP Tech said, where the A2 are most saturated, it works best. again, i had i slightly puffy face for the first few days of treatment, but after the water left in two days, i was left leaner, in the particular region.

as for abs and obliques, ive always had no probs keeping a tight midsection (genetics hehe) so i cant really say how much it did for that, but i do believe that it has gotten tighter just from rubbing in the access yohim on my hands after rubbing in MY desired spots.(btw no h2o retention in abs.....?)

all I can say is that this is a miracle product, i don't care if anyone believes me or not, it made my lump(s) go away, i am especially impressed with the fact that my right nip got flattened cause I've always been bothered by it, it was actually slightly bigger then the left one, which still slightly remains.

after the nips are done i am moving on to my triceps! but that wont be until after my next cycle, you never know, i may get a slight case of gyno again, lol,.

this is MY experience with this product, and I al 100% truthful in every word i have stated, the choice is yours whether of not you will buy one, id say go for it! for the work it does, i can hardly believe its legal, lol. its worth the money.

J.M. - Toronto, CA

I have been using Yohimburn now for 4 weeks and I was using it to burn fat like everyone else. TODAY, talk about coincidence, I looked at the back of my legs and I could not believe what I saw. The cellulite that has been there since I was pregnant 7 years ago was almost GONE. I can't believe what I am seeing here THIS STUFF IS AMAZING!!! I didn't read anything about Yohimburn fading cellulite so this was a very pleasant and unexpected surprise.

Ursula - Orlando, FL

I actually have bought it twice now. I love it. I use it for my abs, love handles and thigh area. I've actually uncovered a few ripples there in the ab area and in as little as a week my thighs have started to look smoother. Great Stuff! I recently starting rubbing some on the top of my chest area to bring out the lines there.

M.L. - Fairfax, VA

I actually bought it because I developed a small lump under my left nipple (gyno) and I heard Yohimburn may help reduce it. To my surprise it did, the lump pretty much totally disappeared after about two weeks. I didn't really use it for fat reduction on any part of the body for more than a few days though....so I don't know how well it works for that purpose. I think it's a good product and I am ordering more soon.

T.B. - Tampa, FL

Yup, I used it, and like it. I applied it 2x daily on chest and abs while dieting for my wedding. It worked great. I got very lean from dieting, and Yohimburn really tightened up those "problem areas

L.E. - Bloomington, MN

Ok well I used the smaller trial size, at about a full pipette per day. 7 days a week. Alternating between stomach and chest every other day. Cant remember, but I think it lasted about a month. I did no cardio. Lifted for 45 minutes 4x a week. Diet was terrible. Ate lots at fast food. Mostly a very unclean diet, guessing around 4000 cals. Well, I started out at 210 @ 17.1% bf according to my electric scale (I know the bf% are not accurate but they are precise making it good to keep track). The end result was 202 @ 14.7%. As far as measurements go, my stomach, not waist, was 37 inches. No abs showing at all. The end was about 35 inches with some definition starting to come through. No six pac, but I could see the outlines in the sides and I could even slightly see a vertical line running down. But, more importantly to me, was my chest. I have a fatty chest. It may be some gyno from when I was a teen, but I think most is just E2 fat. Before I started, I was kinda embarrassed to go in public cause it almost looked like I had tits showing through my shirt. After the 4 weeks of use, it was a BIG difference. I say big because its my biggest flaw in my appearance. And to actually notice a change after trying and trying everything in the book with no results, I got some! I still have some left, but now I am not self conscience about going out in public and thinking I have tits showing. I went from 48 to 45.5 on my chest."

I definitely think this product kicks ass! I will be buying the full size bottle here within a week. I do happen to have some semi-before and after pictures, but they were taking with my webcam and the quality is pretty poor. You can see a difference in my composition though. Let me know if you need them or wanna check them out.

Billy - Plaquemine, LA

Well let me start by saying that i have a problem with estrogenic fat deposits. I can get my back so lean you could see my ribs and striations in the past, but my lower pecs and whole stomach has always been thick, and those damn puffy/pointy nipples will just not die. I dieted in the past but with VERY limited success in the stomach (upper and lower) and my side and lower chest coupled with puffy and pointed nipples, did i mention I HATED my nipples since puberty?

So here goes:

I have been dieting very strictly for the past 4-5 weeks. Calorie intake is varied every few days between 1500-3000 cals daily, carbs are low protein medium and medium fat. I do cardio and lift. In the past 5 weeks I lost about 13 lbs of fat. But as the fat gets lower the same problem areas develop. My last ditch effort before Lipo?


All I can say is that i am shocked. My lower chest are and nipples have DRAMATICALLY, and dare I say again DRAMATICALLY shrunken in the first 3 days. My GF and Myself are both very surprised. I have been now taking it for 4 days and the estrogenic fat areas are shrinking like NEVER BEFORE.

In fact the reason I have been cycling in the past is because of my teenage insecurities of being fat in the chest especially. Needless to say I did not get rid of the embarrassing chest through cycling, but now years later it's finally going away and my emotional confidence is really looking up, i would like to thank for this product it is improving my confidence and finally for the first time in my life I can have the chest I always wanted to have.

GWL - Poland