Axioo MyBook 11G, Rp. 3 Million Laptop which is quite Reliable

Axioo MyBook 11G, Rp. 3 Million Laptop which is quite Reliable


Axioo MyBook 11G, Rp. 3 Million Laptop which is quite Reliable – High mobility demands that many people have a device that is easy to carry around. In a sense, in addition to having a light weight but the shape must also be concise. So that the user is not burdened at all.

To meet these criteria, there are actually quite a lot of laptops to choose from on the market. But if users want a compact laptop with qualified specifications, it means that they have to be willing to spend more. Even if the price is affordable, the specifications offered are quite ordinary.

But not so with the Axioo MyBook 11G. As if to answer the challenge, this local laptop offers a compact form and qualified specifications with a very affordable price tag. It’s not even wrong if the Axioo MyBook 11G is one of the laptops that has the best price-performance combination in its class.

As the name implies, this laptop has dimensions of 11 inches which makes it compact and very comfortable to carry around. The specifications are very reliable for work and school. Check out the following review;

Axioo MyBook 11G comes with a screen size of 11.6 inches. So don’t be surprised if this laptop has a very compact form. But what makes it unique is that the span of this device is even slightly smaller than most 11-inch laptops on the market.

As a result, carrying around this laptop becomes very comfortable. Even users do not need to prepare a special laptop bag because of its very compact shape. The shape is quite thin also makes it easy to tuck in between items in the bag. Moreover, the weight of the Axioo MyBook 11G is also fairly light. Its weight is even only equivalent to an agenda book.

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But about the appearance, this laptop is not too special. The use of a muted gray color makes the Axioo MyBook 11G less conspicuous. If there were some other brighter color choices, it would be more interesting.

Ergonomics are like most other 11-inch laptops. Its compact form does somewhat reduce comfort when typing, because the keypad buttons are smaller. But usually after a long time users will get used to using it. The interesting part actually comes from the touchpad which has a very good response, it feels very easy to move the cursor.

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Another interesting thing also comes from the default charger. Its tiny shape is almost close to the size of a smartphone charger. So you don’t feel a burden when you carry it with your Axioo MyBook 11G in your bag.

Practical connectivity
Unlike laptops with larger screens, 11-inch laptops usually get adjustments because of their compact shape. Including the matter of connectivity, but generally everything needed is still available.

On the Axioo MyBook 11G available USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports. This laptop also provides a mini HDMI port to display the contents of the screen to a larger display. Meanwhile, to move data from the storage card there is a micro SD slot. For network connectivity, only a connection via WiFi is available. In addition, Bluetooth is also available for communication between devices.

Reliable specifications
Talking about specifications, the Axioo MyBook 11G is the most highlighted advantage. This device does not use the Intel Atom processor family which is usually used in 11-inch laptops in its class. Axioo MyBook 11G prefers the Intel N4020 Gemini Lake processor which offers much better performance. Moreover, it is combined with the use of 4 GB of RAM.

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So there is no need to doubt his computing abilities, especially for work and school matters. Not only that, for the sake of increasing the speed, the Axioo MyBook 11G is also equipped with M2-based storage media with a capacity of 128 GB.

If only SSD storage media is fast, especially those based on M2. The data transfer speed is no joke, it will definitely make users happy. The fun thing is, if the M2 SSD with a capacity of 128 GB is still lacking, users can increase their own capacity through the panel available at the bottom of the laptop.

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