5 Easy Ways to Adjust the Brightness of Acer Laptops


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5 Easy Ways to Adjust the Brightness of Acer Laptops – Laptop brightness may seem trivial. However, a laptop with a brightness that suits the user can provide comfort. Same is the case with Acer laptops, if it is too bright it will be blinding and if it is too dim it will be difficult to see. Then, how to adjust the brightness of an Acer laptop so that the brightness is appropriate?

There are various ways to adjust the brightness. There are at least five different ways which will be discussed below. All have different levels of convenience but still have the same function. Check out the following discussion to find out how:

1. Use the Keyboard to Adjust the Brightness

This first method is the easiest and simplest way. In addition, its use is also fast and easy to remember. That is by pressing the “Fn” key on the keyboard at the same time as the key with the sun symbol. For the button to reduce the brightness, then use the button with a dimmer sun symbol.

If you want to increase the brightness, press “Fn” with the button with a brighter sun symbol on it. Usually, the location of the button with the sun symbol is integrated with the “F1” and “F2” keys. If you have pressed two buttons at the same time, the laptop screen will automatically change as desired.

2. Enter Windows Setup Menu

If you want to adjust the brightness manually, then you can use these easy steps. Enter the Windows settings menu by pressing the Windows symbol key on the keyboard together with the letter “i”. After successfully entering the settings, open the “System” menu then click the “Display” menu.

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This menu contains settings for screen brightness. So, make sure to set it up according to your wants and needs. Similar to the other settings, if you point to the left it gets dimmer. If it is directed to the right it will be brighter.

3. Adjust Screen Brightness by Enabling Battery Saver Feature

For Acer laptop users who use Windows 10, then there is another way to adjust the brightness. How to adjust the brightness of this acer laptop also serves to save battery power. First, enter the settings menu by pressing the Windows key together with the “i” key. Then enter the “System” menu and then click the “Battery” menu.

Look for battery saver settings at the bottom, then check the battery saver features listed. The screen brightness will automatically decrease for these savings. How much battery you want to save can also be adjusted, so the screen brightness will also be affected.

4. Use Personalize

The Personalize menu can also be used to adjust the brightness of the laptop screen. The method is quite easy, right click on the mouse and select “Personalize”. After entering the menu, look for the “Display” menu and click to make settings. How to set it just slide the button in the “Adjust Brightness” as desired.

This method is a way to adjust the brightness of an Acer laptop which is also quite easy. Many people are familiar with the Personalize menu to change the wallpaper or something. Especially those who are still using Windows 7 on their Acer laptop, then this method is the most appropriate way.

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5. Use the X Key with the Windows Symbol Key

If you still want a way that uses the keyboard keys, this method is not to be missed. It’s easy to use, just click the Windows key along with the “x” key on the keyboard. Then you will be directed to a new menu and select “Mobility Center”. To adjust the brightness, just click “Display Brightness” in the menu.

Those are some ways to adjust the brightness of an Acer laptop that can be done easily. These methods do not require special skills. So, anyone can practice it themselves. Use the method that best suits your needs and desires. Because each way has different steps.

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