Axioo; Cheap Notebook(An), Between Failed Products and Fraud

Axioo; Cheap Notebook(An), Between Failed Products and Fraud


Axioo; Cheap Notebook(An), Between Failed Products and Fraud – Actually I am a loyal axioo user. Even since 2010 when I bought a notebook for the first time. Since then if anyone wants to buy a notebook, I immediately recommend axioo. Including my sister who also recently bought an axioo tablet. And after four years, this is my 4th Axioo notebook. In fact, I have never bought a notebook from another brand, especially for personal use. Although many people ask why I like axioo so much, not even a few regret it -perhaps because quite a lot of people have had bad experiences with axioo-. But as long as I use Axioo, I have never encountered any significant problems.

At least not until I use my 4th Axioo notebook, the AXIOO NEON BNED723X. Actually I’ve felt strange since the first time I used it a year ago. The problem is “trivial”, because the sound is very low and not stereo. It can be tricked by using speakers or using headphones, but when are you going to use speakers and headphones for a portable PC?

After I noticed, I saw something strange about this Notebook. Namely there is only one speaker at the bottom. There should be two though! The proof is the two slots which I believe are intentionally reserved for portable speakers. And my suspicions were confirmed by the pictures of the notebook’s instructions in the Quick Installation Guide. Since then, I have intended to go to the axioo center and ask directly about this product defect.

speaker slot
My wish came true yesterday afternoon (Wednesday, April 10, 2014). I went to Axioo Service Point Medan to ask about it. There they casually said that indeed for this Axioo notebook series there is only one speaker. I didn’t believe it. Because if so, why should there be 2 slots for speakers at the bottom of the notebook? And why does the Quick Installation Guide also say that “The right and left speakers (pointing towards the two slots) produce stereo sound”. I was adamant by showing the Quick Installation Guide book that I brought. Finally one of the staff asked his friend, and my laptop was taken to the service room. Once opened, I was immediately shown the contents of the notebook. Not even satisfied, but instead I was very surprised. It turns out that there is only one speaker included in this notebook. I really can’t stop thinking, how is it possible that with a price tag that is also not cheap, it turns out that Axioo only provides original products? Even netbooks that cost less are not the case. Is it true that Axioo only pursues production with finished goods?

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I’m still not satisfied, in fact I feel completely lost. I feel cheated by a cheap product and with a much lower quality. It would be nice if I previously added a little budget for a satisfactory product. Again this is not just a speaker issue. It’s a matter of quality and value of a product that is advertised with the SUPERBRAND logo! Is the product that I happened to buy really one of the failed products? Or indeed all this notebook series is a product of fraud? Because what kind of “cheap” Notebook only includes 1 mono speaker and is small?

I can only grumble. In fact, in the future, I have decided that I will absolutely not buy Axioo products again, nor will I even recommend to anyone to buy this cheap item(s)!

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