Cute Animal That Can Kill You

Cute Animal That Can Kill You. For more reasons to never trust a cute animal, check out the 6 cutest animals that can still destroy you and 5 adorable animals who are the biggest assholes on earth. So you may be surprised by the animals that are actually most likely to kill you.

Not all Australian animals want to kill you... pics
Not all Australian animals want to kill you… pics from

Very few mammals are known to be venomous—the slow loris is one of them. They inflate their bodies to protect themselves and in doing so release tetrodotoxin. Not all are as cute as they seem.

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One of these five adorable animals might be the last thing you ever see. Cute aggression was first described by researchers at yale university several years ago. As marsupials, these australian mammals spend their first nine weeks of life in their mama’s pouch.

Pufferfish Are One Of The Most Poisonous Vertebrates On The Planet.

Are they cute and friendly, or will one touch kill you? As a reminder of that important principle, here's our list of the 15 cutest animals in the world that could kill you. One such victim of these massive land beasts was a farmer who lived in the state of georgia.

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Quoll, Australia And New Guinea.

They have powerful jaws and flippers, and can grow to a length of 13 feet. These burrowing mammals are often called scaly anteaters and are covered in tough, overlapping scales. Physically, they're also pretty terrifying:

Brown Bears Can Run As Fast As 30 Miles Per Hour.

Stung to death by bees 7. The africanized honeybee will send hundreds to swarm you and potentially kill you. However, some animals are not so easy to judge and can be quite deceiving.

Despite Their Sweet Appearance, Quolls Are.

Popular varieties like daffodil, iris and ivy are poisonous when consumed according to the national capital poison center. They'll secret toxins if you touch them but you may be able to avoid death if you. Their aquatic maneuvers can result in the occasional drowning deaths, and they've been known to charge at humans.

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